A project by Charles Goldman in collaboration with Paul
 Benney, Adopt-Le-Font is an adoption agency for fountains
 that invites the general public to take care of a fountain
 for one-week intervals during the month of September 2008.
 Consisting of 5-gallon plastic buckets, tubing, and a pump
 that circulates the water and generates a delightful burble,
 Adopt-le-Font’s understated garage-minimalist aesthetic
 questions the semiotics of civic space through its most
 stripped down form of a fountain. Like Alan Kaprow’s
 Trading Dirt(1983-6)in which participants exchanged buckets
 of dirt, Adopt-le-Font similarly casts the viewer-participant
 as an active steward whose performance or maintenance
 sustains the project. However, as an agency invested in
 arrogating the fountains and water to a wide a demographic
 as possible, Adopt-le-Font goes further by asking the 
‘parents’ to actively assume an role as the fountain’s
 public representative.

 Born in 1966 in San Francisco and currently based in New York,
 Charles Goldman’s multifaceted practice explores the cyclical
 nature of life and the standardized units used in its
 measurement. Goldman has exhibited at venues such as Centro
 Cultural Molino de Perez(Montevideo, Uruguay), Art Basel
 Miami, The Jewish Museum (San Francisco), Orange County
 Museum of Art (Newport Beach, CA), and in New York at the
 Sculpture Center,Peter Blum Gallery, Socrates Sculpure Park,
 The Whitney Museum of American Art, Altria, The Drawing Center,
 Apex Art, White Columns, Smack Mellon, and more. His work has
 been included in public and private collections such as the
 MOMA (NY), New York Public Library, Projet Mobilivre (Montreal),
 Brooklyn Museum of Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, The
 University of Illinois at Chicago, and the Berkeley Art Museum
 (Berkeley, CA).

 Paul Benney was born in San Jose, CA in 1966 and is one of the
 founder members of Areaway. Having worked mainly as a dancer
 and choreographer, he is currently making site-specific
 performance installation work that engages the public. He
 collaborates with TRYST -- a group loosely inspired by the
 Situationists -- that uses New York City as a canvas for
 performance interventions. More information about TRYST can
 be found at cmlperformance.org
 (aka culturepush.)

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