For the month of September participants from all around
Brooklyn will be temporarily adopting a series of
ADOPT-LE-FONT fountains. The fountains will become available
for hosting by during Labor Day Weekend. Please contact us at
646.309.6031 or

Make your reservation now!

Adoption is free and open to the public.  Two of our
representatives will arrive at the agreed upon time
and location to install your fountain.  Installation
should take no longer than one hour.  We will need a
flat area at least four feet square, an electrical outlet
within 15 feet (an extension cord is fine) and a water
hose within reach.  Public areas are preferable, but our
definition of what constitutes "public" is flexible.
The following weekend, we will return to deinstall your
fountain.This will only take a few minutes.  All that is
required of you is that you maintain the fountain (i.e.
replenish the water if needed) and the public space that
develops around it during the week of your participation.
Your "word of mouth" advertisements and endorsements would
be much appreciated. We encourage documentation. Photographs
and other detritus sent to us at will
be posted to


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