Adopt-Le-Font Parents


2 responses to “Photos

  1. This is fabulous!!! Even the pictures are soothing so I know the real thing must rock. Congrats.

  2. We just got our fountain yesterday and are happy to report that its soothing waters lulled us to sleep all night long through our open bedroom windows — all the more satisfying for our troubleshooting in the beginning. About 15 minutes after Paul and Charles set up the fountain and departed for ways north of Kensington, my four-year-old noted, “Mommy, it’s flooding!” Indeed, our uneven dirt ground had shifted, causing one of the water spouts to miss its mark, making a puddle in the yard. Hmm… after some attempt at bucket shifting and some semi-plugging of holes (a bad idea we discovered, since the water all needs to flow evenly to avoid overflow), I finally shimmed the settled bucket’s bottom with a downed forsythia branch. Et voilĂ ! Le font has run smoothly ever since, and we’re enjoying our visitor thoroughly.

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